Museum & Artifacts

Artifacts, vintage photographs and memorabilia are currently in a Phase 1 room at Old Brack. Phase 1 presents the history of Old Brack, the Texas Open and future plans for the Hall of Fame and Museum. It also showcases current Hall of Fame members. In the near future the Museum will be located in the historic clubhouse and in an adjacent building known as the Borglum Studio where in the late 1930s sculptor Gutzon Borglum conceived of and modeled the initial renderings for Mount Rushmore. The Texas Golf Walk of Fame will connect the two buildings and will exhibit monuments to the Hall of Fame members.

Missing Artifacts from Hall of Fame in Houston

When the Texas Golf Hall of Fame at the Woodlands closed in late 1990s, some of the artifacts were lost. Members who donated those artifacts have asked us to help locate them. If you have information about these artifacts please contact the Houston Golf Association or the Executive Director of the new Texas Golf Hall of Fame and Museum.

New Artifacts

The Texas Golf Hall of Fame Museum Committee is not accepting artifacts at this time.

Artifact Donation Process

The Museum Committee will detail the donation process and donation agreements for the contribution or loans of artifacts to the Texas Golf Hall of Fame and Museum at a later date.