Robert Dedman Sr.

Early in his career as a lawyer, Robert Dedman, Sr, developed a passion for golf. He invested in his first golf course in a suburb of Dallas, Texas in 1957 and that was the genesis of his huge golf resort empire - ClubCorp. By the time of his death in 2002 ClubCorp was a leading operator of golf clubs with over 200 resorts in its portfolio. 

Robert Dedman, Jr. sold ClubCorp in 2006, but retained Pinehurst Golf, which he has since transformed into a multi-sport resort that hosted the US Open Golf Championships.

The Southern Methodist University's Dedman School of Law, Dedman College and the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports are named in honor of Robert Dedman, Sr.

Birthplace: Rison, Arkansas

Born: 1926

Died: 2002