Austin Country Club

Local, state, and national events held in the past at Austin Country Club:
• Five Texas State Amateurs: 1910,1928,1953,1961,1975, 2011
• 2010 Texas State Mid-Am Tournament
• Seven Morris Williams (University Of Texas) Intercollegiates 2001-2008
• Seventy-Nine Harvey Penick Invitationals dating back to 1935
• Numerous Southern Texas PGA Section events
• AJGA Tom Kite Junior Tournament
• Numerous Hannon Society Cup Matches and Hannon Junior Tournaments
• Four PGA TOUR World Golf Championships 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Awards such as top 100 courses in America or the State of Texas:
• 4th Best Remodel by Golf Digest 2009
• Top 100 Golf Courses across Texas repeat nominee, most recently named by:
-The Dallas Morning News (in 2017 #13, in 2016 #19)
-Golf Digest (2017-18 #12)

PGA or LPGA Tour players that list Austin Country Club as their home course while playing on their respective tours:
• Tom Kite, Bob Estes (PGA TOUR Players)

Famous amateur golfers that are members of the course:
• Michael Cooper, Brian Noonan, Anna Morales, Wehman Hopke

City: Austin, Texas

Course Opened: 1899

Course Closed: N/A