Dave Williams

The achievements of Dave Williams, the former golf coach at the University of Houston, should be recorded in book form. First and foremost, he has coached more NCAA championship teams than any coach in any sport – 16. This covers a period from 1956 to 1985, and includes five consecutive national collegiate titles from 1950 to 1960.

Dave was a Cougar coach since 1952. It took him five years to go all the way but once he did, he built a dynasty, the likes of which may never be equaled. Ironically, the Cougars had no home course, which rules out a home-course advantage. They won but one of their championships in Houston – the 1984 NCAA – at Bear Creek, which at least allowed the Cougars to practice privileges. An added plus, Dave has turned out more tour players than any coach in America, including Fred Couples. Bruce Lietzke, Bill Rogers, Keith Fergus, John Mahaffey and Fuzzy Zoeller.

He is also a member of the NCAA Golf Coaches Hall of Fame and Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Incredibly, he is only UHer in the latter body. Dave played the piccolo and flute in bancs and orchestras during his college days and he plays the guitar for relaxation now… Dave has written his own book, “How to Coach and Play Championship Golf,” although it was ghosted by former sportswriter Art Casper Williams started his own Hall of Fame, which honors supporters of his All-America Intercollegiate Invitational Tournament and helped start the Dave Williams Cystic Fibrosis Tournament more than a decade ago to raise money for the CF Foundation. Early on, the pickings were slim, but the interest steamrolled in the 1970’s and now more than $2 million has been contributed to combat the children’s disease.

Birthplace: Randolph, Texas

Born: October 14, 1918

Died: December 16, 1999