George V. Rotan

Regarded as one of the greatest amateur players in Texas history, George graduated from Yale University after winning the NCAA championship two times. Rotan is the only five-time winner of the Texas Golf Association Amateur Championship (1912-1915, 1920). He was also a two-time TGA Senior champion (1939-1940) and won several Houston Country Club Invitational’s.

Perhaps Mr. Rotan’s biggest golfing feat was playing on the 1923 Ryder Cup Team. He was a new member to the team; however, that did not stop him from doing his best. He rallied to win the next 12 holes in order to defeat Willis Mackenzie. In 1931, Rotan founded the G.V Rotan Company, which eventually became Rotan-Mosle. The company was the first Texas Investment firm to have a seat on the NYSE. Rotan traveled extensively abroad with his wife, Charlotte, a son, and three daughters. Rotan’s son and great-grandson’s live in Houston currently and play the game.

Birthplace:  Waco, Texas

Born: July 18, 1886

Died: April 17, 1943