Hardy Loudermilk


Hardy Loudermilk was 30 years old when he turned pro and got a job at Coleman (Texas) Country Club. His next club job was in Jal, N.M., where he tutored 15-year-old Kathy Whitworth, who already had pro ambitions. Eight years later, Loudermilk found a home at Oak Hills Country Club in San Antonio. It was there that he became nationally recognized as a club professional.

From the outset, he was involved in PGA activities, first serving in all offices including the president of the South-west Section (Arizona and New Mexico.) Hardy was secretary-treasurer of the Texas Section and in line for presidency when the state was split in 1967. In 1968, he was the first president of the Southern Texas PGA and in the same year, he was National Club Professional of the Year. He also served as National Chairman of the annual PGA meeting three times.

Because of his ill health, Loudermilk retired in 1978. Hardy was an agent-dispatcher for the Greyhound Bus Line before his wife encouraged him to turn to golf professional, but he was actually introduced to golf during WWII. Loudermilk was a master sergeant in the Marine Air Force and in the same squadron as Jack Burke. Loudermilk said with a wink, β€œAll Burke did was run the driving range and play golf with the generals.”

Birthplace: Gorman, Texas

Born: March 24, 1922

Died: October 1, 1986