Henry Homberg

Henry Homberg worked as a caddy at the old Beaumont Municipal and did everything pro John Spiller asked just so he could hang around the golf shop. Upon graduation from High School Homberg took a job at the Magnolia Refinery and only played golf on the weekend. That was not enough. Homberg took over as head pro at the course. Six months later the city also gave him control of its new municipal layout Tyrrell Park. In the meantime, Homberg set out to promote the game he loved, working especially with junior players.

Beginning in 1942, Hombert at his own expense, took a flock of junior players to the annual Texas State Junior Championship in San Antonio. Beaumonters were so taken with Homberg’s generosity that they gave him their gas ration coupons during the war years so Henry could continue to take his kids on their special journey to the Alamo City. Those annual treks went on for more than 20 years. In 1950, the Beaumont Municipal closed and Homberg moved full-time to Tyrrell Park Municipal where he severed until retirement in 1982. PGA Champion Dave Marr, touring pro Bert Weaver, NCAA Division II champion Mike Nugent, LSU golf coach Britt Harrison and Texas Golf Hall of Famer Bruce Lietzke are among the thousands of junior players that were influenced by Homberg.

Homberg, who help every office in the Sabine-Neches Chapter of the Southern Texas PGA, was paid the ultimate compliment when Tyrrell Park Municipal was renamed Henry Homberg Municipal in 1983. Lamar University also hosts the Henry Homberg Intercollegiate each year.

Birthplace: Beaumont, Texas

Born: ?

Died: ?