Marilynn Smith

As a youngster, Marilynn had a strong appreciation of golf. She turned into a marvelous player. At age 22, she won the NCAA for the University of Texas, then dropped out of school to turn professional. The modern LPGA was founded in 1950, the same year golf equipment manufacture Spalding signed Smith to the first of 27 one-year contracts. Smith, along with Zaharias, Jameson and ten others, were founding members of the new organization.

Among Smith’s 22 victories were the Heart of America Open, the Mile High Open, the Sunshine Open, and the Cavern City Open. Of the 22 wins, two were major titles, the 1963 and 1964 Titleholders. Smith founded and organized the Marilynn Smith Founders Classic in 1987.

Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas

Born: April 13, 1929

Died: N/A