Willie Maguire

Maguire was introduced to the golf game at Wollaston Country Club, where he started as a caddie and eventually turned pro. One of his first big breaks was when he got a winter job at Austin Country Club in 1906, where Harvey Penick was a caddie. 

Although Maguire stood only five-foot, six-inches, he was a commanding presence both on the green and in Texas golf. He served as president of the Texas Professional Golf Association for its first eight years and then served on the national PGA board.

Willie Maguire was a club professional until ill health caused his retirement on Feb. 17, 1947. Club members awarded him a silver plaque, a cash bonus, and a lifetime membership in the Houston Country Club. Even though Maguire died in 1951, many members remember him as a dedicated teacher.

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

Born: August 26, (Before 1906)

Died: 1951